Monday, May 08, 2006

ideology 101

Forgive and Forget
What goes around comes around

Which phrase do you live by? If someone you love always forgets your birthday- Do you purposely forget theirs?
Or do you forgive-they must have been absent minded.

If you've had friends over for dinner many, many times and they've never reciprocated- Do you stop asking?
Or do you make an assumption like - maybe, they don't like to entertain guests.

Phone calls- thats a biggie- My mom had such a strict calling Rule. " I called her last" - I always remember her saying that. I would always wonder- What if they don't call her? will she just loose that old friend?? And How did she keep track of that give and take thing, so well? Even, today at 77 - she sometimes still mentions that she called ME last!

Maybe the "goesaroundcomesaround" theory is a defense mechanism, so we don't feel hurt. Maybe it's immaturity, or insecurity. Does Forgiving and forgetting make you a fool? I think we all live by both attitudes at different times and with different people. I am questioning myself on both. They can both be hurtful ways to live. Lately, I am opting for forgiving and moving on. Not taking so much to heart. Giving even the most thoughtless, the benefit of the doubt.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think.. ( i will forgive you if you don't!)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes people give in other ways than being the one to call, make dinner, etc. If that is the case, it's worh keeping the relationship. If it's all one-sided, I would definitely question the value of that friendship.
(So when are we walking on the boardwalk, Luanne!?)

Anonymous said...

What a great question. Life is a journey and we all travel the same roads at different times. At this point in my life I choose to travel on a two way street. It's not about the phone calls or the dinners. It's about sharing one self on many different levels.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lu
I love your blogs(is that what they are called) Love the pictures too. You are a great writer.