Wednesday, November 01, 2006

hungry mouse

Well, I am happy to admit that I actually didn't mind Halloween after all. As you can see I was not Mickey freaking mouse. I was Minnie Cheerful Mouse! ( the 4 points of wine could have helped!) Dressing up definitely put me in a more festive mood. My younger son needed my Mickey shorts so voila- my Minnie apron came to the rescue. My Dressing up seemed to bring out the best of the little tricky beasts. Many actually said Thank you! A cute bunch of little girls said "oooh, Look, She is dressed up too". A little boy with a screw stuck in his gory little face liked my lit up Pumpkin. Okay, this wasn't bad at all. Another positive that didn't hurt my spirit, was I weighed in at Weight watchers and lost another 3.8 lbs! I actually said "Holy shit" to the weigher! I thought I had had a bad week, food wise. I was so in the mood for Home made Chicken soup and didn't know how to weigh that. So I just ate it. All! It was delicious. Another foul up was when my son and I went pumpkin picking, I of course, chose the spot in town that bakes delicious donuts too. You can smell them as you are driving down the street! They were delicious! The icing on the cake (yumm, cake) was the 4 snack size almond joys I ate for lunch on Monday. Yep, they were REALLY delicious. (This weight watchers diet is pretty satisfying)
At the meeting a ww member told me about a website I thought I would pass along- ( gee, I know her) If you subscribe to it, It will send "tasty tidbits of the world of food and dieting" to your email address daily. Hope it's helpful, and Hope everyone had a nice Halloween.


Karen said...

You make a cute Minnie. I was laying on the couch sick with the flu, (my 16 year old handed out the candy) but I heard the kids asking for specific candy and more of it. How rude. And congrats on the weight loss.

Lucy said...

thanks for the nice comments everyone!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Lucy! You are a darling Minnie. And look, the trick-or-treaters loved it and said so. No more Halloween woes. Ok?! Double bravo on your WW loss, Almond Joys and all. Makes me think I'll kick down a few Reeses Peanut Butter Cups before I begin my own WW journey tomorrow. Oh, and BTW, I did "kick ass" - thought you'd want to know :)