Sunday, September 09, 2007


Dear Sunday Scribblings,
I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy your weekly creative prompts.Writing has always been something I've enjoyed. As a child, I would practice writing cursive in many dramatic styles, trying to find one that would be my signature signature.
As a pre-teen, I poured all my feelings into writing in a daily diary.
I also wrote constantly to my best friend Linda. We were inseparable through childhood, but we loved
to write back and forth to each other something we created called " Future Letters". As strange as it sounds,
we would write letters, as if we were already grown women, creating a fantasy life style and keeping in
touch with each other,( because Of Course, circumstances had led us to different parts of the world!) I wonder if it was our way of hoping for a brighter tomorrow? The letters were very detailed. We had names for all our children and our husbands. We had fantastic jobs with names and stories for all the coworkers. What wacky kids, huh? This is another reason I love your prompts. I haven't thought about those future letters in forever. Your prompt this week, brought back a wonderful memory. I even think somewhere in my unorganized garage, I have a stack of these precious letters saved. I can't wait to try and dig them up.
As a teen and young adult, I always attempted poetry and song lyrics. ( I know I have some of these saved as well) (somewhere?) My poem titled "unconditional Love" was written for my youngest son as he sat in his high chair, spitting food in my face. Like much of what I've written, I never feel like I can share these words with anyone. I don't think they're "good enough". I wrote for the way it made me feel.
About 10 years ago , I actually started writing a book of my life story. ( I exaggerated a bit for excitement.) I have it in a spiral notebook, with lots of cross outs and grammatical errors. I know I don't have the talent to create a novel worth publishing, However, My talented son who has a BA in English does! Last year, I apprehensively showed him this very personal attempt at creative writing. I told him that someday, maybe we could collaborate my ideas and his abilities and seriously attempt a draft. As usual, he was encouraging and supportive. He also reminded me that I should have pursued the children's story that I had written a while back. He feels it would definitely be published and do well. I had googled publishing and read that you need a literary agent, and how difficult it was, blah, blah, blah. So, I put the pages in a draw and there they've been for many years.
When encouraged to try blogging, I was reluctant to say the least. My insecurities and fear of negative criticism were screaming, You can't do this". I'm so happy my friend nudged me along. The positive feedback from the amazing blogging community, my friends and family gave me the " I CAN do this" feeling that was not only encouraging but heartwarming as well. Then, You came along sweet Sunday Scribblings, with these motivating prompts and a way to connect to the nicest people I've ever met! Through your inspiring creation, you've allowed me to be connected to a talented writing community full of beautiful, caring, extremely creative people. You've helped me continue blogging longer than I expected I would. I hope you continue your generous weekly gift. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.
Sincerely grateful,
Lucy Lulu


Deirdre said...

I feel the same way about Sunday Scribblings - what a gift. It took me months to tell anyone I'd started blogging and even longer to let anyone have the address.

The future letters sound wonderful, just the kind of thing good friends should share, full of dreams and ideals.

Anonymous said...

I love that you wrote all this as a letter...and I think you should write more :)

ann said...

I love the idea of future letters and I think a young adult book based on that idea would be a big hit.

Anonymous said...

I didn't write much as a girl, but I talked out loud great monologues, which I see now was my writer's voice making itself known.

I have a children's book gathering dust too. And I must say that I credit blogging for the last few years for giving the confidence to freelance more writing. Lots of writing gets started on the blog.

Giggles said...

Lucy I did the exact same things! More to follow in an email! Loved this candid post!
So glad you started a blog, thanks to the dear friend who encouraged you!

Love and hugs Giggles

Tammy Brierly said...

This was a wonderful post Lucy. You were such a fun teenager. :) Find that children's story and breath life into it. Then pull out the life story and skys the limit!


Tumblewords: said...

I'm a newcomer to Sunday Scribblings and I cannot believe the quality of writing that's ripe for reading. Such as yours.

daisies said...

you are so creative, such a wonderful writer with honesty and emotion that pours from your heart ~ i loved this post :)

Anonymous said...

Your "future" letters are a very sophisticated and highly creative concept for two teenage friends. Find them asap! They sound very publishable!!!

And as for your overall KNOW I'm you're biggest fan and recommend you to all the spinners/knitters/dyers I know...a very discriminating audience, indeed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dearly enjoy reading Sun. Scribblings. I often write privately to those prompts and sometimes on blogs I've had.
So glad they've encouraged you to blossom with your writings again. How very lucky you are to have an "in house" editor! Go with your dream. It IS the encouragement of others plus your own tenacity and motivation that will make dreams come true. I speak from humble experience.

I didn't even enter an art show since college and almost 2 yrs ago a very well known NY Times best selling author bought my sunset painting! That didn't propel me to stardom (it was a fundraiser), but it did boost my self-confidence by meeting this highly successful and exhuberant writer in person who valued my talent instantly (She saw that painting first as a tiny photo on my business card). So, you never know. Your writing here certainly engages me!