Sunday, October 19, 2008

muttering about

I don't have much to add to my mutterings post today.
I've been feeling a bit blue, so going out last night was a
highlight to a 'not so good' week. My mind is racing with too many
regrets, too much stress and thoughts that I don't like and can't share.
What is weird, is so many people I've spoken to recently... all seem distant and
pensive, like they are feeling similarly. There is truly a negative wind blowing in from our countries difficulties.
The last time I remember such a universal numbness & sadness... 9/11 and the weeks following 9/11.
I will never forget shopping at Costco for items needed by our heros who were at ground zero, working around the clock. the store was crowded but silent. Everyone I looked at at Costco that day, had the same needed items in their carts.. and the same far away, quiet sadness in their eyes.

  1. Magical ::
  2. Seeing our old friends last night felt magical like it used to when we were all young and had No kids!
  3. Shrimp ::
  4. Last night at Tutto Pazzo I LOVED the delicious shrimp dinner I ordered.
  5. Project Runway ::
  6. Project- Running Away- don't you feel that way sometimes?
  7. Economy :: This awful decline in our economy has hurt business even in my little place.
  8. Porch :: I love those old homes with giant wrap around porches!
  9. State of affairs :: No matter what state, No matter what affair- The USA is in serious trouble.
  10. .com :: Imagine that our young kids, don't remember a time they didn't have a computer.
  11. fifty cents: : What can you buy with it these days?
  12. Ripping :: HOW long do YOU spend ripping up all this junk mail each day?
  13. Bull :: If I would have realized HOW cruel a bull fight is, I would have NEVER attended one in Mexico many years ago.

unconscious mutterings


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Shake it up Lucy Lu the blog world needs you and your happy happy nesssss. we must go on as usuall since there is not much we can react to just yet. Take the blues add some yellow and make yourself some pepped up purple.

Martha said...

I liked your #3!
Thanks for stopping by my mutterings today :-)

Anonymous said...

Great mutterings! I love those porches as well! :)

threesidesofcrazy said...

You hit the nail on the head with the communal numbness that appears to be striking us all - it's like waiting for the other show to fall! Feel up and better soon!

I love wrap around porches too and thought I love mine do wish it was a wrap around.

My brain originally went to junk mail too LOL

Four-eyed-missy said...

Hi Lulu... hope by now you have shaken the blues. Great mutterings, I am with you on Project Running Away!! *lol*

Giggles said...

Sorry you had a rough week Lucy! Hope next week is better.

Loved your answers, I feel the same about many especially number five. I wonder if that's an illusion though...because painting the slats on the wrap around porch would be a bitch! Yeah a bull fight would NOT be my thing either!! ewww....

Hugs Giggles

Tammy Brierly said...

BIG WARM TAMMY HUG! It will get better, I promise. XXOO

daisies said...

hugs honey, xo

Gill said...

Missing your posts - hope all is okay. {{hugs}}

I've tagged you so pop by my blog ok?