Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day Mutterings

I've received some very wise advice from a very dear friend
which led to my decision to delete my last post.
thanks for your comments, they were so very helpful.
I am going to pursue that 'problem' very quietly and carefully.

How about some mutterings instead?

  1. Zoo ::
  2. Every spring when the weather became nice, we would take the kids to the Bronx zoo. We thought everyone loved doing this each year till one spring my son observed a nice day and said " PLEASE can we just skip the zoo this year?"
  3. Neighborhood ::
  4. I've finally begun to walk my dogs around our neighborhood. They used to be awful walkers, but they are doing better each day. Thanks to Caesar's advice!
  5. Salute ::
  6. Our soldiers deserve at least a salute for our gratitude.
  7. Immortality ::
  8. The immortality of vampires is too freaky! (the HBO show true blood is really getting to me!)
  9. Dominion ::
  10. November 4th will tell!
  11. Rhonda ::
  12. Brings the beach boys to mind!
  13. Parties ::
  14. I hope BOTH parties have a miraculous plan to get this desperate country back on it's feet.
  15. Prince of Darkness ::
  16. Back to true blood- if you watch this show.. Don't you think
    wolfman is doing all the killings?? I mean if the premise allows vampires to be real, Then wolfmen must be around too, no?
  17. Garbage ::
  18. I am sick of hearing all the garbage that kids are subjected to.
  19. Standard ::
  20. Don't you think there should be standards set for people who choose to raise kids? We need a license to drive, open a business,even dog's need a license... yet ANYonE can raise a child?

Speaking of hearing a lot of garbage... WHY do we teach elementary school kids lies about Columbus?? When the truth is.. first off he DIDN'T discover America and most importantly.. he tortured and killed 1/3 of the population of indians? I just don't understand WHY we are lied to like this? check out this brief article
for the truth

unconscious mutterings


threesidesofcrazy said...

I love your standards answer! I went Beach boys too on Rhonda. I was a big Highlander fan in the day and that comes to mind for immortality.

Forgetfulone said...

I would have gone for Beach Boys on that one, too.

Why is it the history books show only politically correct "history?"

Anonymous said...

You are so right- anyone can raise a child provided they can produce one of their own. I don't know about the US but here trying to adopt a child is like attempting an obstacle course. Many give up in despair.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy, I completely agree about the raising kids thing. It seems to be a growing problem these days. By the way I tagged you on my blog!

Bone said...

Haha. Your zoo memories remind me of our annual family vacations to Nashville and the Opryland theme park. I mean, it was fine the first five or six years.

Of course, now I miss it.