Monday, October 06, 2008

Mutterings and Curtains!

I found the curtains!
a few posts back I was excited to post
pictures of my renovated salon. Now it is
truly complete! I fell in love with these curtains!
I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond.
I don't know if this picture accurately shows you
the true colors, but they have gold,plum and green on them.
They were pretty wrinkled out of the package, so I took a little
hand steamer that my husband purchased, telling me, "This is good to have!"
I thought he was crazy! BUT, WOW.. It made fixing these curtains and defining the
creases so easy! He also has steamed... The stuck on haircolor from my color bottles!
the ring around my shampoo sink drain! He even steamed a stain off a favorite canvas purse of mine!
So I guess Mr. cool pants, really knows a thing or two about the necessities of steam!

  1. Insight ::
  2. sometimes difficult for me to find
  3. Irksome ::
  4. IBS is quite irksome
  5. Maybe ::
  6. I should start getting ready for my day and stop blogging
  7. Confirmation ::
  8. After my son's confirmation party, my relationship with my sister was transformed
  9. Bib ::
  10. Shouldn't adults be wearing them too?
  11. Stop! ::
  12. Stop! driving distracted!
  13. Lobster ::
  14. ummm so good, but oh so sad, poor little guys
  15. Boys ::
  16. I'm surrounded by them
  17. Fire away ::
  18. but don't expect me to remember what you've said!
  19. Give up ::
  20. I give up, I have to get cracking now i will post this later and try to figure out why my words are ontop of my photos?? blogger... I GIVE UP!


threesidesofcrazy said...

Great curtains - good to know about the steamer and I love your mutterings - especially #5 & #9.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Definitely the finishing touch on the salon. I love them. Good choice Lucy..

Anonymous said...

I think I would like a little steamer! Think of the fun I'd have. 'Dear Father Chr..........'

daisies said...

oh my gosh, your new salon is soooo beautiful and i heart the curtains :) wish i could come and get my hair done, tee hee

Giggles said...

The curtains are very rich couldn't really have them longer with solutions and hairsprays flying around! Good choice! You must be thrilled with the outcome!!! High five to Mr Petals!

Love Sherrie

Gill said...

Those curtains are too, too gorgeous! Love them! Your salon looks so beautiful, wish I could pay you a visit and see it in RL...

Forgetfulone said...

Those curtains are gorgeous! BB&B is one of my favorite places. When I took a year off teaching, I worked there part time, and now my daughter works there. I can always find something I want there.

Great about the steamer thing. Exactly which one is it? It'd be good to know which one you recommend.

Anonymous said...

perfect! they are perfect and it really does finish it up beautifully!
you have IBS too? it sucks doesn't it? LOL
Mr. cool that his new nick now? I still laugh at that post once in awhile ;)

Anonymous said...

That steamer sounds amazing! And nice that your husband's been doing that for you too :)