Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lulu's Young Frankenstein Review

33 years ago, My then best friend Linda and I went to see the movie Young Frankenstein. We were 15 years old. We instantly fell in love with this film and HAD to see it again. The next day we asked our parents if we could pleeeaassseeee have money to go again. They thought that was wasteful and silly since we had just seen it. So, we rolled our eyes( as teenagers are known to do) and Instead we asked if we could go bowling. This began our winter of love for eh-eh-hem "bowling". Each weekend we asked for bowling money. Each weekend we were dropped off and picked up at the bowling alley, which was conveniently located next door to the movie theater! As soon as they would drive away, we would walk next door, buy our movie tickets and laugh for 106 minutes! We knew all the lines and spoke them constantly disregarding the chance that our parents may wonder... "How would you remember all that from seeing a movie One time?" Seems a bit naughty and disrespectful, but considering what other 15 year olds were lying about... This was innocent misbehaving. After many lying weekends... We were caught! when my friends father arrived early to bowl a few games with us.
With that history in mind, can you imagine my excitement and delight when I heard Mel was bringing my beloved childhood movie to life on the broadway stage?! We paid the exorbitant ticket price and went to see the play in previews last week for ironically my sons 15th birthday. 15 Seems to be the definitive age to be introduced to this story. When he wasn't laughing out loud, He was smiling real big!
We ALL were NOT disappointed! The show was hysterically funny. The sets were magically elaborate. The cast was exceptionally talented. The musical numbers were creative and brought another dimension to the kooky characters.
Megan Mullally( from Will and Grace) was perfectly cast as "Elizabeth". In the movie The role was played brilliantly by the talented Madeline Kahn. It's so sad that she passed away so young. In fact, Peter Boyle & Marty Feldman also passed away too young. This show is such a tribute to their memorable, acclaimed roles. Hearing the buzz of talking before and after the show, it was apparent that I wasn't the only one that had seen the film over and over. Everyone waited on their favorite lines...
Like ...walk this way, NO this way.. and Pardon me boy, Is this the transylvania station? WHAT HUMP?! One of my favorite parts was the spectacular performance of the monster doing- "Puttin on the Ritz"... That alone was worth the ticket price!
I was so happy to see my sons big smile the whole time we watched the play! It was a perfect outing for his birthday. If you have young kids just know that There were a lot of sexual innuendoes and I don't think it's appropriate for kids under 12. But for the young teen and the young at heart.... It was amazingly entertaining and nostalgically magical!
Puttin' on the Ritz (Peter Boyle and Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein) on Transbuddha


~Michelle~ said...

Oh Lulu both Hubby and I love this movie as well and often repeat lines from it. This is one of those movies where it is so timeless - still funny even after all these years. I'm so glad the stage version was up to par with the movie. Loved your story about telling your parents you were going bowling. That is really, really funny! This weekend we are attending a fund raiser for the restoration of a local historic theatre - they are showing Young Frankenstein! Yaay!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful show. I remember seeing the movie the first time and I was laughing so much that I'd miss the next funny part. Had to see it again to find out what I was had missed the first time. How fun it's a stage play now.

Giggles said...

How exciting for you as a family. I just love this post. Why did we have to lie to see movies back then. I was grounded for seeing Easy Rider at thirteen. It's so lame now I laugh my head off. I just loved Gene Wilder when I was a kid....everything he did was awesome. Watching that clip brought back some good memories!!

Hugs Sherrie

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
For the record, I would have loved being with you misbehaving when we were 15...ok, I would have been 16 when you were 15...or would that be 17? No matter, count me in next time you misbehave.

Your write-up makes me want to head to Broadway for the show! Thanks for the great review.

P.S. Owe you a proper e-mail. Did get a blog post up, though.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Young Frankenstein...the gifted madness of Mel Brooks. You know a good movie when you quote the lines in everyday life. This is one of my favorites and when you get another movie buff, general conversation becomes a string of one-liners. Show sounds great. Looking forward to seeing it as well. Your rave reviews cinched it.

JP (mom) said...

What a wonderful trip down memory lane! Great that you could relive a part of that with your son ... oh, I wish we were in NYC, my husband would love to see this musical! xx, JP/deb

Deirdre said...

I saw the movie at about 15 too - loved it then even though I didn't understand a lot of the humor, love it now because I do.

It must have been a blast to see it on stage.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Just read your Young Frankenstein post you told me about on my blog! How funny was this story! I loved this movie, also. We're the pretty close to the same age so I guess it was just the time.

Oh, you should absolutely start going to the movies, again. You just have to go when no one is there like in the morning, if possible, or on a Tuesday night. I agree with you, people are so awful!!! Thanks for visiting MY site!