Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Lifetime movie star would you be?

Today one of my clients jokingly told me she wants to write a lifetime movie about the drama going on in her life.
She asked me..... "So, Who do you want to play YOU in my movie?" Her cute question made me want to share it with my blog world.
I can't think of what lifetime celebrity I can see portraying me.... I guess it may be because I'm not too familiar with who stars on the lifetime channel! It's usually Jaclyn Smith, right? I DEFINITELY don't see that match. ( I Wish I did) If I could pick ANY actress to portray me in this girls Lifetime movie ( or my own!)..... I think I pick Sally Field...( unless you can think of someone else??) I think she would be able to capture me perfectly. She is short, older and seems like someone people like to talk to.
You know how much I love reading what YOU have to say... So put on your thinking caps... WHO do you See playing YOU if they made a movie of your life?


Giggles said...

I really have to ponder this one for awhile...then it'll get back to you!In the meantime I'll write you an email!

Love Sherrie

Giggles said...

Oh yeah love love love love this picture of you!!! Put that as your profile's so cute!!!
I can tell you are as bubbly as Sally Field....I want to rent the video of the first season of her Show Brothers and Sisters. I have never watched it but I love her that's the plan!
Maybe one day she will play in your life story! Get writing missy!

Hugs Giggles

Anonymous said...

Mare Winningham. KInd of plain, but sincere. Capable, yet likes to laugh.

Tammy Brierly said...

I LOVE Sally but I see someone younger and much more fiesty playing you. I'm not good with names but big, bright eyes with a warm smile and spunk is a must.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful pic of you, Lucy. Your lovely personality...sweet, kind, funny, witty...comes out in full force.

I think your choice of Sally is dandy. Even tho' she's older than you, she's got plenty of charm and charisma, as you do. Another thought, though it would have had to have been when she was younger, is Shirley MacLaine.

Wish you were a fiber fanatic, 'cause then I'd get to see you at Rhinebeck this weekend. Wish me luck that the weather holds out...I'm camping!

Jane said...

Hi Lucy!

Oh my goodness, it's been so long since I've commented...but I have been reading the posts!! I'll have to think of this because, honestly, when they made me the mold was broken...ha ha! My first actress that comes to mind for me is Whoopie Goldberg. Ok, so the skin tones don't match up but I love her outspoken, wacky ways combined with a deep compassion for mankind.

Happy Friday!!

daisies said...

you are sooo cute!! i love sally and could see that one what a good choice :)

i need to ponder mine for a while ...