Thursday, October 04, 2007

Puzzle Journey

How many of you will come on my puzzle journey? I love all word puzzles.... Crosswords, word searches, jumbles... my favorite however is by far the Cryptogram. While the whole world is into the Sudoku number craze... I still enjoy letters.
Each morning while I drink my morning coffee... I do the Newsday Cryptoquote. (hint Figuring out the authors name is sometimes helpful in solving the puzzle) Thought it would be fun to give you a puzzle and see how you do.... If you can print it out, it will be easier .... I will reveal the answer in a few days. There are hints on doing a Cryptogram at the end.. Good Luck, Hope you'll enjoy taking this journey into my cryptic world.

A V T U / H / F Z / B Z / B V T / N T R P B J/

E R Y X Z P Y ,/ H / R X A R J K / P K T / B V T/

T C T Y F T U I J / T U B Y R U I T . / K Z C T B H C T K /

H / S P K B / F Z / W Z Y / R U/ T K B H C R B T ./

(author)- E V J X X H K / M H X X T Y

Hints for Solving Cryptograms:
*One letter stands for another-
example A X Y D L A A X R is L O N G F E L L O W
( A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc..)
*Single letter words will be " I " or " A "
*Frequent use of the same 3 letter word may indicate the word " the "
*An apostrophe is usually followed by a " t " as in contractions (don't) or an " S " as in possessives ( dog's tail)
*A question mark at the end of a quotation tells you the first word is likely- Who, what, when, where, how or why
*Certain consonants occur together, such as "th", "wh", "sh", and "ch"
*Also the position of letters at the end of a word may indicate common endings such as "tion","ent",or "ant", "ing" or "ed"
*In a two letter word, one letter must be a vowel.


Anonymous said...

ok - I'm working on it - it will take a while but I am tenacious!

Giggles said...

Dear Dear loony Lucy you crack me up!! It was my first but I'm proud to say I got it fairly quickly. Thank you a million for opening my world to these wonderful puzzles....I am such a word freak too!!!

Hugs and I will email you the hilarious answer!!! I just don't want to ruin it for the others!!! Good luck all it was so fun....especially the results!

Lucy said...

giggles- You SHOULD be proud.. Now you can have a new obsession! Congrats on getting it right!
Kimberly- Keep on trying!
Jen- You can do it!
EVERYONE:- If you need a hint or two, email me... and I will send it to you :)