Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The stranger

We visit and chat and email this and that
Connections that bond us- we develop a fondness.
Share and confess as friendships progress
Comfort sets in, so we confide within... the web of others.
Ignoring indigenous warnings of our cautious mothers
Lions & Tigers & Bears- OH MY!
Virex & Norton & Spyware-WE BUY!
Implanted alarm -- peril, risk and monstrous dangers
by placing trust in the clutches of strangers.
Strangers! Don't talk to them. Don't give out information.
Yet in cyber space we invest in intimate conversation.
Exposed, genuine, authentic emotion with no regret
To invisible faces & places we've met on the internet
So why do we reach out, support and confide
To the strangers we've met in this web world wide?
Against raw instincts and knowledgeable advisers statistics
Because People believe in good people and are hopeful & optimistic.

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paris parfait said...

Lucy, what a fantastic and to-the-minute poem! Very, very clever.

Giggles said...
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Giggles said...

I love it! Really wonderful Lucy. So well thought out! Glad I trusted my intuition, which brought me to trusting you! Good attracts good!

I am the one who deleted my last comment. It didn't turn out right!

Love Sherrie

Anonymous said...

Hey There, you have got that spot much easier to speak to invisible faces. Nice poem

Annie Jeffries said...

We have had to almost redefine the meaning of the word stranger. Yes, all the old cautions are still true, but communication has brought us new friendships, friendships we would have never had if we had NOT trusted in the goodness of others thereby making strangers friends.

daisies said...

"Because People believe in good people and are hopeful & optimistic" oh yes :)

its important to be cautious i think but not to let fear drive us and deprive us of so much beauty :) xox

i love this!!

Beau Brackish said...

Great poem. It is easy talking to a screen, without fear of eye contact or the perception of judgment. You hit it spot on. Although, many of us are guarded with our emotions by nature, we all need to believe in the inherent decency of strangers.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, you're a gem! I do still believe in good people - and you are one.

oh, wanted to tell you I coulda sworn I commented on your "sally fields will play me in the movies" post. I wanted you to know that the picture of you is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad stranger Lucy took a chance and became friends with even stranger Jenny. Love you!