Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Did u ever?

Each day do the thing you most dread first;then every other goal will be easy-brenda Novak

Recently in my near-by shopping center, a little aquarium store opened. It surprised me. I mean with all the huge pet stores on every corner... An aquarium store?? I immediately felt sorry for the owner. So far, I've seen no activity at all. During a recession?the nation at it's worst economical state? People out of work?... WHo the heck is buying Fish?? To look at! People are having a difficult enough time buying fish to FEED their starving kids.
We just drove by there again tonight on our way to the pharmacy. My husband started making jokes about the aquarium store. As bad as I've felt I couldn't help laughing too. (he can be very funny) He said let's go in there and ask "how much for 2 lbs. of filet of sole? " They will be happy to have someone walk in even if only to direct us to the seafood store.
Did u ever notice how quickly these little places pop up and then go out? It is so sad. As a former little business owner myself, I so know the pain of that. The dream, the hard work, the expense, the stress! .. and then... BAM... you just can't stay afloat.
well, at least when the aquarium closes up ( we have a bet going, I say 6 mts.) the fish may stay afloat? Or do they end up at the Seafood store on sale for .99 a lb? (always be suspicious of food that goes on sale)


Queen-Size funny bone said...

sounds like someone was a little slap happy....Fish for thought.

Barb said...

You feel bad for things like that, too??? I thought I was the only one.

How's this for tacky..

I've been trying to learn how to make homemade greeting cards. This is an odd thing to do because I have so few people to send them out to.

Recently when we were in an EXTREME cold spell, my husband said he felt really sorry for the homeless people.

I said, "I could send them a card.."

Anyway.. I have something for you on my blog. :)

Forgetfulone said...

Silly girl! That last part... stay afloat! Funny!

Although I don't think we've really seen a recession here in Houston - at least not by the looks of it - we're definitely in uncertain times. I do think it's kinda strange the way little businesses pop in and out so frequently. And sad.

We had a Cold Stone ice cream shop for a couple of years that just up and closed one day. I mean - this is Houston. You can eat ice cream in the winter here. And Cold Stone is the best. I was surprised it closed.

I don't know how bicycle shops stay in business. Did U ever wonder that? Probably not. I'm strange!

Patois42 said...

I so want to not laugh. But you keep making me. Stop!

Bone said...

Maybe you could stop by and suggest he turn it into a Pakistani restaurant.

TC said...

the fish may stay afloat? Or do they end up at the Seafood store on sale for .99 a lb?


That's just wrong, on so many levels :) Yet also hilarious.

The Gal Herself said...

A little shop near me that sold glass ornaments and ceramics and other objets d'art went under recently, after more than a decade. I never went in there (delicate items like the sold never would have lasted with my cats) but I felt a sense of loss when I saw their empty windows.

Stop by my blog for your own special gift.

The Bumbles said...

Aw - c'mon - fish are the cheapest pets of all - perfect for this economy!

There is this little storefront just off the center of our town's main street and whatever goes in there immediately goes out of business. Must be the location. Too bad because they are always cute little boutiques.

Thanks for stopping by the Monday Movie Meme - I have not seen Moulin Rouge yet. West Side Story I loved as a child and still like the songs - but I just couldn't get past the cheesy dancing gang fights when I saw it again as an adult :0)