Saturday, January 24, 2009

Phantoms & Shadows

Alone in my small bedroom
trying earnestly to fall asleep
Restless, I try to rock myself
even try to count fluffy sheep

The house glows darker
as each hour ticks by my door
Suddenly frightening shadows appear
that I know weren't there before

I try to shout out for help
but fear has stilled my voice
How will I survive this monster?
The light switch! it's my only choice!

Despite petrified fear of doom, I decide to initiate a plan
I shimmy quickly to the wall-switch like a Choreographed jazz dance
The room lights up, The stealth phantom shadow has suddenly disappeared!
in its place stands only my desk chair holding todays discarded pair of pants

As soon as I read Sunday Scribblings prompt, It brought back the memories of how frightened the shadows in my room made me feel, when i was small. One particular time, it really was a pair of pants that took on the look of a monster looming in the corner, the darker the night became. I can remember so vividly being frozen with fear and imagining all sorts of scary scenarios. I can also remember that sigh of relief, and amazement that I got so upset over a pair of bunched up pants. If you have small kids, trust me... get them a bedside lamp!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

It's the BOOGEY MAN!

anthonynorth said...

That was very nicely written. And you put to words experiences that I think we all had in our youth.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I enjoyed your poem, and I thought the illustration very apt.

Forgetfulone said...

Very good poem, Lucy! U put into words what we've all felt at some time or another. Way to go!

Giggles said...

Yes I agree the fictitious BOOGIE MAN!! Well done!! I used to read my daughter a story book but it was Tiggy in the woods afraid of a scary monster at night. In the day it was just an old burnt out stump!
I think it's a great metaphor for life and fear!

Hugs Giggles

paisley said...

i had the same experience with a robe sash on the closet doorknob one night.. all night long,, in the light of the night light i saw a strange woman standing there on the closet door... i never slept with the nightlight again,,, as a child,,, and now as an adult,, i cannot sleep in the dark!!! i need the tv and the night lights on at all times!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand the feeling, Lucy. I still get scared of the dark!

Anonymous said...

Wow- I remember feeling like this too! As a little girl staying at my grandparents house, I remember being terrified. In the bedroom i used, there was a huge walk-in cupboard which had a heavy velvet curtain across the opening, instead of a door. I was convinced that the bogey-man lived in there, and could identify with your poem so well!

Very beautifully written, capturing a child's fear perfectly. Well Done!

Mine's up too.

Bella :)

P.S. I like the look of 'It's Ok not to be Ok!'....thanks for the heads up. I must get a copy!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Must remember not to leave my pants out tonight!

Devil Mood said...

hehehe true! Isn't it amazing how as kids we can be so frightened of these things and yet fearless of the real life issues? ;)

Sherri B. said...

I had moments just like this when I was young! I would get myself so freaked out over imagined ghosts and goblins. I really enjoyed this. :~)

Tumblewords: said...

I so remember frights like this! And they are nothing compared to those I had once I got 'old'. Good post. Love it...

Tammy Brierly said...

Look at you Lucy, this was really good. I've missed blogging and you! HUG

nonizamboni said...

I really enjoyed the image of your decision to grab that light switch and could see the coreography. Nicely done.
Thanks for sharing!

danni said...

as an innocent i never really got the heebie-jeebies much - but the older i become the creepier things in the shadows are with their shifting and and morphing --- loved your poem - you grabbed them so well and chased them down with your words to make them real!!!

Anonymous said...

Despite petrified fear of doom, I decide to initiate a plan
I shimmy quickly to the wall-switch like a Choreographed jazz dance

My two favorite lines - ho you play with words!

Thanks for visiting :)

Blondie said...

Heh! I would have NEVER gotten out of bed to switch on the lamp!

I succumbed to the "Family Bed" strategy when my kids were babies. The problem with this technique is that you can't get them OUT of your bed! Fortunately, my son received a totally cool Lava Lamp for his birthday, and that has proved to be a grand distraction!

But, I admit that I still leave the "hall" light on--just in case! Even when they kids aren't here, I'm still just as afraid of the dark as they are!