Thursday, January 08, 2009

Paying it forward

My husbands doctor sent him to see a specialist yesterday. (routine checkup)
Coincidentally the recommended doctor is friends and neighbors with one of my friends.
They live about 10 minutes from me in my same town, but the doctors office is about 40 minutes from us. The visit went well and we did mention to him that we have this mutual friend.
When we got back home, my husband realized he had forgotten his good reading glasses at the doctors office. I quickly called over there and even though my husband thought it was very bold of me, I asked his receptionist if she could ask the doctor to please bring the glasses home with him, and i would ask my friend, his neighbor to pick them up. She called me back and said the doctor said 'no problem". Well, about 2 hours later there was a knock on my front door. I assumed it was one of the kids friends and opened the door to find... YeS! u guessed it... The Doctor himself!
I was so shocked and we were just so grateful! My dogs ran outside and jumped all over him and he was good natured about that too! As I closed the door I just kept saying.. I can't believe he came here, It was just so unbelievably nice of him to go out of his way like this!!

I began thinking of the pay it forward theory. Have u seen this film or heard of this concept? I remembered that just a few days ago we had a real bad ice storm. My husband was at work and the weather was getting worse and worse all day. As he was finishing up with his last client, she mentioned she needed to call another cab. The bad road conditions had frightened her, so she didn't take her car. My husband nobly offered to give her a ride home. He had told me how she kept saying.. "Thank you so much for going out of your way like this!"
Don't you think there is something to this? After all , kindness is contagious! To prove it, let's all try to go out of our way for a stranger tomorrow. When they express their gratitude, Ask them to please pay it forward. let's see what comes back to all of us!
** bold print in honor of my mentor giggles!***


Giggles said...

Bingo....that's exactly how it works Ms Lucy....I have been known to put change in parking meters on the beach in the summer. Now they have changed the systems it's harder to do. But trust me it always comes back to you ten fold...of course that's never my intention. I just want to save a stranger the hassle of a parking ticket after a nice day at the beach! Seems once I started that practice I often found a parking spot with money still on the meter! Lovely Story Lucy!
Hard to know whose life you may have just changed!

Love Sherrie
Oh, Am I blushing...thanks for the sweet accolades!

threesidesofcrazy said...

I love that movie despite how sad it is. I truly try to live by that theory as well as a few others like 'garbage truck rule' to stay balanced. Thanks Miss Lucy for reminding us that kindness is contagious and we need to practice random acts whenever and wherever we can!

If you haven't read the garbage truck rule you can find it here

Henry said...

I love the whole "Pay it forward" concept, but your post was a great reminder for me. I get so bogged down in my own little world that I forget the joy in making others' loads lighter. I' am going to try to do something nice for a stranger tomorrow.

Gill said...

A lovely positive post Lucy! I have been wanting to see that movie for the longest time - I really MUST hire it one day soon!

myrtle beached whale said...

I totally agree with paying it forward and in Karma. But maybe he just wanted to check you out.

Mel said...

I am on board! The world needs more pay it forwards.