Monday, March 02, 2009

Did u ever

I can't believe that this april I will be celebrating my THIRD blogging anniversary!
I felt like looking back a bit, adding some new pictures and music to spruce up the old place and asking my more current readers...
did u ever read my very first blog post?....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's in a name?

Having decided to try my hand at blogging, my first obstacle was a name. My name has never sat well with me. My parents named me after my fathers mother. Lucille. No offense to all the Lucille's out there, but I never cared for that name. I also never cared for the nick name that came from Lucille. LuLu. Since I was a wee little baby, my family called me LuLu. For many years ( like "baby" in Dirty Dancing) I didn't realize there was anything wrong with the name. Then my first passionate kiss at age 12! This innocent young boy (Eric) whispered " Oh LuLu". Well, the silliness of that name had me laughing instead of kissing. He felt uncomfortable and I felt my name didn't fit me. To the rescue my big sister- who suggests I take the Lu from Lucille and the Anne of my middle name and become Luanne! A New Lu is born. From that day forth I introduced my self to everyone as Luanne. In school i was still Lucille, At home the LuLu would not die. At my wedding I had the priest call me Lucille ( for my moms sake mostly) and several friends afterward said how sorry they were that the priest got my name wrong! I never legally changed my name so the confusion has been troublesome. Well, here I am now many, many years later, My husband and my friends call me Luanne. My mom still throws an occasional LuLu at me, which I now do not mind at all. After all the hoopla and insecurity and awkward circumstances..... I wish I would have just been a Lucy.

I gave this whole explanation as to why I chose to be referred to as Lucy but I am surprised I didn't talk more about taking on the new hobby of blogging or about the blogs title. I AM a little weird, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me. I rarely look back on what I've written but this week...Looking back on some of my older posts, it made me realize that I used to share much more of my life. I'm not really sure whY I don't as much lately? I also realized that my memory is worse than I thought! I had forgotten so much of what I've written. That reinforces another emotional feeling I've had all week... that we ONly go around once!! I mean, of course I've always known that.. but this week for some reason, I am really ... REALLY focusing on that poignant fact. Not just about my life, but even random strangers will bring it to mind! Like.. My son's friend talked about how Amy Fischer was stripping. I felt so sad for her.... first she shoots some poor innocent woman in the head, then goes to prison, now strips for a living?? THIS is how she is using her Once around?? I don't think when we are young and making life choices we really REALLY have it sink in..... THIS is the path I am choosing to live my ONE chance on. Hind sight really is 20/20. I wonder if this wondering means something? Did u ever feel like this too?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Most of us are not given the correct foundation or tools so when we are faced with choices we are not capable of seeing the big picture. growing up eduacation was not stressed in our home and not one of us went to college. My dad didn't even attend our high school graduation. It wasn't an accomplishment according to him. I would of made a lot of different choices.

Barb said...

I've found that laughing during intimate moments seems to put a damper on things..

So Amy's a stripper now? Somehow I'm neither shocked or surprised.

Seriously though. I think I spend too much time reflecting.

And congrats on getting the award I just saw at Dianne's blog!

Patois42 said...

Did you ever hear the song that starts, "Bang bang, Lulu. Lulu, bang bang. Somebody bang..."

Thanks for the look back and the chuckle.

Akelamalu said...

Blogging for three years? That's some achievement m'dear. :)

Tammy Brierly said...

I remember this post. Congrats on 3years of sharing you.

Allergies? Cool, I like the way you think.

LUCY, that poem you wrote at SS was REALLY GOOD. You could tell it came from your beautiful, empathetic heart. WOW

Much love

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted your first post, it was very interesting to read. I didn't realise about your name either, but you will always be Lucy to me! Three years is amazing!