Monday, January 05, 2009

The Mac Attack

Well, maybe my new year luck is turning around! Today I brought my crashed Mac computer to the Apple store. I guesstimated that this was the 5th visit for service since I bought it. (about four years ago.) At that time, we were persuaded to buy a mac vs. a Pc with the following sales pitch..
Apples don't get viruses, This apple will last 10 years as opposed to a 3-4 year term for a pc.
The apple was much more expensive but we decided if it lasted that much longer, it would be well worth it. Each time I brought my rotten apple in for service for one problem after another, i was met with every excuse in the book. Today... with the wise words of my savvy, spunky friend Sherrie, singing in my head... I was determined to get my point across! Sherries simple but VERY effective advice... Repeatedly state you're not happy till you are made happy!
The first sentence out of my mouth, after being asked How are you today, was ... I am NOT happy!
I then explained my dissatisfaction, To which he said.. well you've brought it in 4 times for service, but there was only something wrong that needed to be fixed one time, the other times they found nothing wrong.. To which I said 'Proves you sold me a lemon instead of an apple. If there isn't anything wrong and it isn't working correctly.. It's a lemon!' (I am very sure that my mostly quiet but very intimidating looking husband sitting next to me like my attack dog waiting to lunge was also quite a plus!) He occasionally told me to calm down! Hinting to them that there was way more fire in me than I was letting them have! As the nice genius boy tried to give me one excuse after another like the times before I just kept saying.. "I am not happy, I am not happy, I am not happy! Everyone I know with an apple is so satisfied, I AM NOT SATISFIED!!" finally he smiled and asked... What would make u happy? I said.. A New computer! He excused himself and when he came back a few minutes later... he told me.. they can't give me a new one on the spot, but they could ship one from the Manufacturer!! Giggles YOU are the real genius baby!!

As we sat waiting for the paper work to be completed I thanked him again & AGAIN, and embarrassed my attack dog when I declared loud enough for several customers and genius' to hear...
"NO ONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO SATISFY ME FOR FOUR YEARS!" It took me a second but when I saw the apple boys holding in their laughter and glanced at my attack dogs priceless expression ( thinking Lucy, think before u speak!) I quickly saved myself by grabbing my husbands face and saying .. "of course, except YOU honey!" To which there was much levity and smiles all around! Now, I can't praise and highly recommend them enough! I finally got great customer satisfaction and it is true that one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch!
There is still the worry that my old computer may be fried and I've lost all my info,pictures and music, which I stupidly didn't back up! I won't know for certain for a couple of weeks. I've learned a lesson the hard way that I need an external hard drive.
but I've learned an easy lesson that It's easy to state exactly what you want! And like giggles taught us this week.... It's also okay to ASK!

(I can't believe that I had to write this twice! the first one was much more to my liking but being on my sons pc, i hit a wrong button and erased half the story! two weeks is going to feel like 2 years!)


TC said...

WOW! Good for you! I can't believe you got a new computer out of that dealio!

I laughed at the lemon vs. apple comment.

Giggles said...

I actually think it was calling the apple a lemon that did the trick!! Wonderful news....hope they don't google search this! lol

Hugs Giggles

threesidesofcrazy said...

I love it!! You did good! I always escalate it up the food chain too. I tell then if they can't give me a yes then I want the next level 'cuz I'm not leaving until my no becomes a yes so why waste both our time - just tell me who has the authority to say yes!

I had a crashed hard drive a couple of years ago that I was told all info was "unretrievable" so they let me take the hard drive to The Geek Squad at Best Buy and they were able to retrieve 85% of that lost info!

Gill said...

Well done Lucy! You did good girl :-)

Bone said...


LOL I feel like I say this all the time, but you crack me up. That's priceless.

I also enjoyed the lemon/apple line. Maybe you should sell that idea to Microsoft for their ad campaign.

JP/deb said...

I love this story! You are so funny Luc - I'm glad Sherrie's advice worked & that your lemon is being converted back into an apple! You've got chutzpah babe! JP/deb

myrtle beached whale said...

My son converted his entire office over to MAC and he could not be happier. It is so much more user friendly than a PC, but I resist change, so am keeping my PC. I know all I need to know about it and don't want to learn anything new.

Anonymous said...

Giggles gave great advice and bravo to you, Lucy, for your chutzpah. That new MAC is long overdue. I bought my 1st Mac a few months ago.

That 2nd part about satisfaction was hilarious and reminds me of the song "Can't Get No Satisfaction!"