Sunday, February 01, 2009

2 down 1 to go go go

caption reads-
when i let out a blood curdling scream"jesus christ you're going to kill someone!: I'd like you to apply the brakes. ( this is reminiscent of how i taught my kids to drive)

Today my eldest son took my youngest son out for his second driving lesson. Due to my husband and I teaching the older boys years ago, and it being established over and over again, that we are both Tense, Intense,impatient,frustrating, SCARY teachers, My youngest has requested that his older brothers teach him. I started lecturing before hand, in a state of typical driving mode tense panic. I insisted my older son ONLY let him drive in a parking lot, NO Streets yet! 'He has to have many lessons in a safe empty parking lot before he can practice on these crazy roads". My eldest, who is usually so compliant, said.. "mom, no, You trust me to teach him, you need to trust my judgement. It should be left to MY discretion as to whether or not he is ready to venture out on the street. Please trust me, I am an excellent teacher and driver and I need you to trust me to make the right call". Well, he said much more than this, but this is the general gist of what I remember. His point came across respectful and wise and I realized that he is absolutely correct. (and I am absolutely a lunatic) Here is an excellent driver with an excellent track record who is in graduate school to become a teacher, who spends his days doing an amazingly great job helping to teach autistic children. I decided to leave the driving decisions, and the safety of them both, In his very capable hands. As he drove away towards the school parking lot, with my youngest in the passenger seat, I felt less worried than I had ever been with a son learning to drive.

To my surprise, after only ONE hour gone, my YoUnGest son expertly pulled into the driveway, parking perfectly behind my car!
When he came in and excitedly reported about How well he did and how
much he had learned,and How patient and calm his brother was. It was so wonderful & touching. I wasn't sure if I was welling up with tears because my baby is already old enough to be driving, OR because My oldest in such a short time is such a competent,sensible adult.(an adult who is a MUCh more capable,relaxed driving teacher than my husband and I ever were!) Whatever it was, it was a defining moment in the journey of my boys lives. I feel so proud of them all. ( and quite honestly, I am relieved beyond expression, that I won't be going through those F*&#@# frightening driving lessons again!)

here is the new driver when he was 8! :)


Queen-Size funny bone said...

my husband always too our daughters because he wouldn't say boo if they ran into a tree. although i was the better teacher.

Gill said...

This whole learning to drive thing is so nerve-wracking....for the parents! Thankfully over here they can only begin learning to drive at 17yo and they go for their licences at 18. Paula has 3 1/2 years to go before I have to go through that again!!

I'm glad that your son's lessons are going so well - it's a relief if they cotton on quickly.

Tumblewords: said...

He is taller now? I hope. :) Good post!

TC said...

Awww, how cute!!!

I think it's a good thing you got out of teaching #3 ;)