Saturday, February 14, 2009

The sweetest gifts can't be purchased

This year for Valentines day my husband and I decided not to spend on small gifts like flowers or candy for me or a cd or dvd for him. Instead we decided to focus on the gifts we give each other EVERY single day of the year. I decided to go even further and WRite them down! Writing out this list of gifts he gives me everyday of my life... I kind of feel I should forfeit the birthday, anniversary and mothers day gifts as well!

He always compliments me on
my thinking, my kindness, my inner and outer beauty-

He says sweet things like "you're adorable" daily
He is always Attentive

He can always make me laugh...
The other day when I asked him if HE wants to carve the turkey breast
he passionately yet sincerely answered... "I LIVE to carve the turkey"
(this statement has been cracking me up all week!)

He notices and admires even little things like a new polish color,
change of earrings, the house is freshly cleaned

He blows my hair dry almost every morning
(please don't hate me ladies!)

He helps me clean our home or clean up dishes
Insists on washing the big pots every night
He takes over "heavy jobs" like
scrubbing the shower and waxing the floors

He Always insists on opening my car door
Warms it up for me on cold days too

He enjoys helping me shop for clothes
even waits patiently while I take forever in the dressing room

He Loves to buy me gifts for no occasion and 'do lunch'
He insists on carrying all our packages

When I have to pick up our son late at night
even when he is tired, he often says..
Don't go alone, I will take the ride with you

He Never wants me to help him with the "heavy work"
like shoveling snow or raking

Some sundays, he Likes to make me french toast
with the special touches like powdered sugar on top!

He Always listens & understands my worries, fears and problems
He Encourages me to Love myself
He Builds my self esteem
He encourages me to exercise and take good care of myself
He encourages me to get together with my friends more often
He encourages me to relax

He calls me a few times a day to see how I am doing and say I love you

He Gives me the best looking Steak, burger or whatever he is taking off the Barbecue
The kids get the 2nd best, he takes the worst

He rubs my feet when I have a bad day

He sometimes irons my clothes (better than i can)
He often irons his own (probably because he can do them better than i can)

When I can't sleep- He knows what helps and offers to get
out of our warm bed and get me a bowl of cereal

No one knows or understands me better
He is my best friend my lover my heart
happy valentines day sweetheart!


threesidesofcrazy said...

Lucy this is so sweet! We've never done gifts, we do spend the day together and close out the rest of the world. I hope you two have a wonderful Valentines Day.

Forgetfulone said...

You are one very lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

That's such a great list Lucy. I remember you writing about the things he does for you in the past - he sounds like a real gentleman! :)

Anonymous said...

Any chance of cloning him please? He'd like England!

linda may said...

Oh Lucy that is exceptional! You must be pretty special yourself to have him want to be like that for you too.

paisley said...

no fair.. if we all got a guy that does one of those things most of us would be satisfied.. and you have them all !!!!!!

but linda may is right,, you have to be quite a prize to be treated so wonderfully as well!!!

love you both!!!!


Patois42 said...

A very sweet Valentine to your sweetie.

Tammy Brierly said...

WOW! He's all that and a bag of chips Lucy. Look what he gets in return? YOU! XXOO

Marguerite said...

I know I'm late in commenting, but I just read this post after reading your Sunday Scribbling. Really enjoyed this--so much more meaningful than candy, flowers or Hallmark.

Lucky him, Lucky you!

Giggles said...

Verbatim Pepper has his twin as her husband!! You ladies are so fortunate.... I'm so happy for both of you, yet I'm sad to never have experienced it myself. Mr Petals makes up for a crappy childhood! Give him a hugs for me! He is so are you!

Big hugs and loads of love
to a sweetheart who deserves the best!