Friday, November 07, 2008

blog funk

Mary over at
Now Entering Momville. You've opened my eyes to How shitty my blogging has become!
Mary is starting up a wednesday prompt, where you can send her an older post and she will post it. (great idea Mary!)
Well, I started going back to look for something worthwhile. Something I had written that I thought would be enjoyed. Looking through October and September posts, all I saw were fill in the blank meme's and prompts that I've been leaning on because my own thoughts were just not coming. Having these prompt days to lean on may be the reason I didn't even attempt to try to think of interesting things to write about all by myself.
Kind of like when you're dieting.. and making a salad is just too much work compared to the instant joy of ripping open that bag of milano cookies. Why pull from my overloaded brain? They've done half the work for me.
This awakening, has also answered my own disappointed question. Why aren't as many people commenting on my blog? At first I blamed google reader. I am just as guilty. I read blogs that I really enjoy reading. I think of how much I want to tell the blogger that I enjoyed their posts. But, oh wait.. let me read this persons first and then I could go back... and then ..Your phone beeps, your bladder beeps, Your microwave beeps. Your brain dead, so you don't remember to go back and comment. Well, that may be happening too, but I tend to think it's more likely the uninteresting 'forms' that I keep just filling in. NEVER one to hurt anyones feelings, I think these forms are all very creative and they ARE very fun to do, However.. it shouldn't be ALL that I am doing.
I can think of 4 bloggers off the top of my head, that I used to love hearing from. I still comment on their blogs, but they must just find me and uninteresting dolt.
I am going to try to go back to blogging about personal affairs, people pissing me off, and just my everyday thoughts. That writing style is difficult to keep up with daily and just my luck, I find myself enlightened about my funk, during the first week of this nablopomo nonsense. committing to posting every single day for November? What the hell was I thinking?


Henry said...

Thanks for the shout out. And I know what you mean..I used to write meaty posts, but just started to do giveaways and stuff like that instead. I just couldn't come up with a manifesto everyday,and nothing much happens to me these days! But yeah.. I need to try and write an original post every now and then myself!

Gill said...

I hear what you're saying Lucy, but I DO still find your blog enjoyable!!

I think it must be a very exceptional blogger who blogs good meaty stuff all the time. I have been going through a VERY dry patch myself, the problem is my LIFE is going through a dry patch and seeing as that's where I find my inspiration I am in a bit of a catch 22.... Have no fear the blogging mojo will EVENTUALLY return!

But I also agree that us bloggers can't afford to get lazy and complacent, it's too easy to fall into the meme trap (ask me, that's pretty much all I've been doing of late!) we need to try to keep it fresh and interesting. Easier said than done though!

Deirdre said...

I like your posts about people pissing you off - not that I like that pissy things happen to you, you just have a great way of putting things into perspective.

I used to comment of e.v.e.r.y post I read, until I got sick of hearing myself leave the same compliments over and over. (I'm not as creative as I'd like.) Sometimes I'm just too dull to say anything, but I always enjoy. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Aw I'm sure you can do a post each day!! Anyway I understand what you mean, it's great when you make friends who regularly visit your blog so it is disappointing when they stop visiting. But it's hard thinking of things to write everyday! Sometimes it takes me a long time, but everyone has other things to do! I look forward to the rest of your Nablopomo posts!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I understand what you're saying. Posting every day is quite ambitious. Blogging just wore me out [obviously :-)].

If I ever come back to blogging, it'll be three or four times per week at the most. I'll just write what/when I want and enjoy those who stop by to comment.

Words from the wise, I guess.

Bone said...

"I am going to try to go back to blogging about...people pissing me off"

Now you're talking! :)

FWIW, my blog comments are way down, too. Maybe there are just too many things (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) for people to distract themselves with these days.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Come on out of your funk, LuLu. I'm a brand new reader saying, "hello." Mr. Cosmo is quite handsome over there.

Sherri B. said...

I love your post...I struggle with the whole blog idea myself. It's a test of the ego to realize that no one reads your posts unless you submit them at a weekly prompt! lol...otherwise, my posts are mostly followed by a "Comments - 0". But I'm getting more OK with the idea that my blog can happily be a 'party for one'. :~)

Which is why you made my day by commenting on my post about Lukas Rossi. To answer your question, the Supernova band broke up and for the past year Lukas has been touring solo/acoustic or with his new band Stars Down. He's back to being a struggling artist but his own music is really fantastic (much better than Supernova's). Have a great weekend and thanks again for visiting my blog!

paisley said...

girl,, sometimes people just pass thru and smile,, happy to hear from you,, wave and nod you know... it isn't always there is something that needs to be said in return...

don't you go for one minute doubting yourself or the validity of the things you choose to post about... good lord if i doubted my worth every time no one commented i would have shut the old blog down long ago!!!!

i for one am always here keeping an eye on you and yours... i love my virtual window into normalcy...... :)

Forgetfulone said...

I think you are officially out of your funk (although I didn't know you were in one!) I always enjoy your posts.

What were you thinking when you signed up for NaBlogPoMo? That you are a good writer, and you are, and you post almost every day anyway, and it's a good way to hone your craft and enjoy your talent.