Sunday, November 02, 2008


She kisses daughter goodnight
Tells husband "i have errands to do"
She parks her car around the block
and waits for his blue malibu

Passion,concupiscence, surrender
entangled lips hips wantonness
Her gnawing wishful longing inferior
to guilt she desperately craves to suppress

Late at night she carries bags into a hush darkened home
converts herself into expected archetypal guise
She unpacks and tucks away fibs she bought yesterday
while struggling to tuck away screaming scandalous lies


I don't know why.. but as SOON as I read the prompt.. I was brought back..
Way back to a memory of a family I knew when I was a very young girl.
Way back then it was OH SO much LESS heard of and OH SO much MORE scandalous..
but I always imagined my friends mother feeling OH SO remorseful.
(please bear in mind.. This is a demonstration of a poetry attempt.... Kids- Do Not try this kind of poetry without proper training)
Happy Sunday Everyone!


Queen-Size funny bone said...


daisies said...

wow!! powerful words my dear ...

anthonynorth said...

Well you did the poem more than admirably ;-)

awareness said...

Hi Lucy!

It's been a while....I havent been around much on the SS blogfun....but couldn't resist when i saw the prompt! :)

I can picture this woman vividly....separate existances that always seem to cross over and promote whispers from others who are observing.

We all have secret lives unveiled to others, but often not as scandalous.....or maybe they are, who knows?? :)

Linda Jacobs said...

She unpacks and tucks away fibs she bought yesterday

I love the unexpectedness of these lines! Isn't poetry fun?!

Anonymous said...

This poem is brilliant! You MUST do some more.

Giggles said...

Geesh I was pretty sure I commented here I read it on google as soon as it was posted...Sorry Lucy...this was great...I love your poem, they get better and better! Sweet little scandal in there too! Okay what color polka dots do you want with what background?

Hugs Sherrie

Tammy Brierly said...

You did a wondeerful job Lucy. I hope to read more poetry in your NaBloPoMo. XXOO

Anonymous said...

I love your poems! I hope the mother was remorseful

"Sunshine" said...

I thought the rhythm of this poem was completely AWESOME! Great work!

Bone said...

That was really good, Lucy! I'm impressed.