Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i need to rant about hoops

Often through my week, as different things happen, I think.. ~I should blog about this. ~But typical of me, when It comes time to sit down and type, those weekly thoughts have vanished. Lately however, One constant theme keeps happening week after week after week... Society is making me, well probably not just me, US... jump through hoops and I just can't stand it anymore.
I need to rant about The few examples that have Not vanished from my mentalpaused brain.
I call the dr. to make a flu shot app't. for my son. They say.. come in at 2:10 on Friday. I nicely ask (btw.. I am always nice.. NICE does NOT help) 'Do you have something just a few minutes later? My son gets out of school at 2 and I know I could be there by 2:20.' The nurse says, 'Sorry NO, 2:10 is the only appointment left, and they run a tight ship with flu shots'
So stupid me.. I get to my son's school by 1:40. I have to sign him out which in this crazy school consists of first showing photo ID, THEN going to the attendance office THEN go to the main office THEN sign out... Holy Crap! I didn't get OUT of there till 1:55!! BUT, Like the prompt ass I ALWAYS AM, we get to the pediatrician by exactly 2:05. we sit... 2:10, 2:15, 2:20, BY 2:25 .. I walk up to the desk and say ( not as nice as usual btw) "Excuse me, I checked my son out of school to get here promptly at 2:10 because I was told they can Not see him at 2:20.. Here it is 2:25 and we are waiting 20 minutes for a flu shot! how much longer will it be?"
Does it not seem like I am a trained seal jumping through their hooops??

The next day- a saturday, The same son had to be at school early for homecoming. He is in the band. I saw the forecast and said to him, 'it's suppose to rain, How do you know if it's canceled?' He said, 'the band teacher said.. We have to attend rain or shine.' It is quite a juggling act for my family on saturdays, because both my husband and I work. Our older kids try helping us out with driving our younger son places. They both had other commitments, so my husband went to work a little later , so he could first take our youngest son to the school. As soon as he got there (in the rain) they had a person waving everyone on, telling them .. 'homecoming is canceled'. THIS from a school that leaves those automated emails and phone messages for every little poop that goes on there.
"This is principle SoandSo today a stranger was spotted driving around our school. we called the police.".. .."This is principle soandso Tomorrow is spirit day!"... " This is principle soandso have you joined the pta?"..." This is principle Soandso, we had a blackout during periods 1 and 2 today."..." This is principle soandso tomorrow is locker clean out day".... THAT is principle soandso constantly interrupting our dinner with these ridiculous calls. FOR goodness sakes Principle soandso.. Can't you give a shout-out that homecoming is canceled? Prevent a whole family from having to wake/shower/eat/dress/make arrangements and do all this earlier than normal, just to drive 12 minutes each way to jump through your damn hoops?? I mean, for the teacher to say "you have to show up rain or shine?" Knowing They won't march in a parade in the rain, WhAt kind of inconsiderate nonsense is this?? It's hoops! that's what it is. I am damn tired of it.
DON'T even get me started about the fancy hoop tricks my health insurance company is constantly getting me to perform. YOU Can't have that med that the DOCTOR prescribed, it's not covered.. here are your choices.. you could have these 2 from column A or this 1 from column B.
Oh your doctor doesn't want you to take those? TOO BAD, then Pay the 200.00 a month for the one she does want you to take. We will throw in a fortune cookie that says "na-na na na-na!!"
Or the drug store calls you with your rejection and asks Do you know Which drugs you ARE covered for? you get out that formulary pamphlet the health co. sent you, you ramble off only 2 out of the 10 choices and the 14 yr.old store employee cuts you off and says, 'That's good enough, I'll call your Dr. and give her those 2 names to choose from.' Now, SHE is prescribing MY medicine? The child who works at cvs??
Your given a script from the doc for an MRI... ooop, wait! Must call the insurance Company for authorization..
You need an MRI? who says so? The Doctor?? (chuckle) no, WE don't think so. you didn't have enough X-rays to qualify and move up to our MRI prize round. Get the unnecessary radiation first and then MAYBE if the approval person had a good BM today and is feeling sunny.. She will give you an okay, and you could advance to the winners circle. If Not, jump through some written hoops and after a few weeks, maybe we'll listen again. Maybe not.
How do we stop this craziness in this circus called everyday life?
Let the rant spread... Tell me about YOUR hoops!


Anonymous said...

How frustrating, and scary about the meds. There is something very wrong about that system, have you ever asked your doc. about this? You sure don't see this portrayed on any t.v. shows!
I like that you do question the system and put up a fight, whenever you can.
My hoops are all at work, where sometimes I can put down the hoop and put on my clown suit instead :)
I think you have one too!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

buy a washer and dryer. delivery free, but you have to pay and then wait for he rebate. make out paper work and mail. call number on paper between 7-12 to find out your delivery window. call okay delivery will be next day between 2:30 and 6:30. 123 jump.

Giggles said...

Sounds like the school and health care system need a shot of common sense. Hard to believe we teach kids to follow the rules when they seem so ridiculous at times! Ever thought of breaking the rules?

Extra big hugs to my frustrated friend!
Love Sherrie

Barb said...

You need a bunch of hugs!

Head Cookie said...

Omg so true on all aspects. We too have the voice recorder principle crap and I so agree about the health insurance. I bet it felt good to rant. Hugs to you

Forgetfulone said...

I feel very fortunate to have good insurance, although I still jump through hoops sometimes. I guess that's a benefit of my husband's because I used to have an HMO, and it sucked.

I hate that doctors act like they're so inflexible, then you wait two hours. I've stopped worrying about being on time. I wait for them. They can wait for me.

I've been jumping through hoops at work and at home, and I'm so sick of it! Let me be!

paisley said...

as a self proclaimed recluse,, i find my self in very few situations in which i am expected to jump thru hoops... of course that means i dont get medical help when necessary... i am not involved in any extra curricular activities,, and i have no friends or family to speak of....

so i would have to say,, unles you are willing to conform to a life of singularity as i have,,, you are kinda playing the game,, if for no other reason than you have no other choice.....

OMG am i like the voice of doom today or what!!!!!!

threesidesofcrazy said...

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo with you on this one and what makes so much of it worse is these automated phone systems that won't let you talk to a human being until they have all their stupid questions answered! I've broken 2 phones this past year out of frustration, but unintentionally while dealing with insurance and hubby's military b.s. I sure hope it get s better for you!

Anonymous said...

Ah Lucy I understand! Hope your rant makes you feel better. Problem I had with the doctor was making an appointment with a nurse for a repeat prescription they said a doctor must be in to sign it, so I changed the appointment to when a doc was available, then when I got there they said the doc was out and I couldn't get my prescription.. I don't have a car and have to get the bus back and forth.... So annoying!