Sunday, November 09, 2008

unconscious Mutterings

I made a personal vow that I would stay away from memes and fill ins for a while.. I have a tendency to change my mind.... Quickly..

  1. Coverage ::
  2. I am always shocked at how little 'coverage' there is on so many fat ladies at the beach.
  3. Cynical ::
  4. Gee , how I just sounded.
  5. Gust ::
  6. I let out a gust that sounded like a dying bird when i sliced my index finger yesterday
  7. Improvised ::
  8. How Did Lucy know the words to every song that came on? She improvised.
  9. V ::
  10. Oh this is easy.. V= VaMpiRe.. true blood tonight on HBO can't get enough of this vampire show!!
  11. Guests ::
  12. I love entertaining guests for the holidays, but unfortunately, I am passing on it this year.
  13. Brutal ::
  14. The brutal truth? If the truth is brutal.. Sometimes it's best to fib.
  15. Grant ::
  16. Grant us Peace
  17. Pull ::
  18. yourself together.. You CAN do it!
  19. Streaming ::
  20. Tears streaming down blackened by mascara.


nablopomo my butt.. I just posted TWICE in one day! Yah!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I take offense to number one. I being a fat woman feel I deserve a tan like everyone else. lol and no one said you could post my pic.

Forgetfulone said...

You crack me up one minute and make me think the next!

Giggles said...

WHAT..... you don't like seeing a little crack...I mean alotta crack? haha

Not this girl, you rarely see me past a cover up that goes just above my knees... yuck.

Giggles said...

Oops I wasn't concentrating and pushed that comment in before I was done....sorry about your finger. It's awful when a hairdresser slices a finger, and gets solution in it....ouch. Yes we do need Peace. I used to love entertaining...not as much anymore. However I will have some friends over this year!

Hugs Giggles