Monday, November 10, 2008

did u ever?

Did you ever have such a vivid memory about something long ago and kind of insignificant?
We were driving home from our very lovely **'anniversary date' ** a couple of weeks ago.
Bjork came on the cd player. My husband began reminiscing about how he had first discovered her. ( he loves Bjork... his motto? A day without Bjork is like a day without sunshine)
He knew EXACTLY when he
had first heard the song playing and how he HAD to run out the very next day and buy her album.
He THEN was able to remember exactly Which job location he was working on at that time, Which fellow workers were there...
AND that Weird Al Yankovich was the V.J. Who played that miraculous bjork song! As I listened with great interest (not really, I had heard this story already, but I wanted to let
him have his memory) We drove past a restaurant that We had last gone to when I was pregnant with my eldest son On NEW YEARS DAY 1984! I excitedly said to my husband...hey, hey... I REMEMBER going there! On New Years day 1984, we were with so and so and so and so AND... I WAS WEARING THAT BEAUTIFUL BLACK MATERNITY TOP THAT PHYLLIS HAD LENT ME! To which he laughed and replied... "yet we both DON'T remember where last years halloween decorations are!" Did u ever experience weird memories like these??

** Our anniversary date- I realize I never wrote a post about this special day.. We had A lovely dinner at a favorite italian restaurant, and then we went to see the movie, The Secret life of bees. Very typical of my husband.. He insisted I choose the restaurant AND the movie. I asked.. what is it only MY anniversary? As much as he tried to enjoy my choice, My husband dosed at the theater. I really wanted to see this film, because I read the book years ago and really adored it. Unfortunately,
The movie was a bit like honey... sweet but Oh so slow.


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Anonymous said...

Hehe lucy yes it's very strange. I remember weird little sayings people have said to me, what I was wearing etc etc but still don't know where to find things, or what I was doing this time last week haha! Your anniversary sounds lovely. I love Italian mmmm

Forgetfulone said...

My husband and I were talking about things like this the other day. I remember exactly how much I weighed in 8th grade. I remember exactly where we were and what we were doing, I mean the exact spot in the road, when we had our first real big argument, and so on. Isn't it strange how we remember certain things? Yet, I can't find my car keys! LOL

Queen-Size funny bone said...

it is funny how the mind works and when it decides to throw up on of those experiences from days gone by. and like you said then it doesn't work when you wan to remember where you put something yesterday.

Henry said...

I try not to think back on the past. I'm so sentimental, it's ridiculous. But once in awhile, a memory will take over my mind. I guess I'm weird, but even the good memories leave me a little sad.

Giggles said...

I love those kind of memories.I enjoy the fact that my body chooses to retain mostly good memories that leave me with that fuzzy feeling. I had to chuckle about the decorations, because that is a true sign of've done it myself. You are so fortunate to have such a precious love in your life.

Hugs Sherrie

Barb said...

Is that movie out now??? I LOVED the book!

Bone said...

I love memories like those. I call it memory burn. A moment that for some reason you remember forever. And songs definitely have a way of bringing those back.