Sunday, November 09, 2008

Surprise! Not the change you expected!

The sunday scribblings prompt this week is change. Last week, Like so many, I had written about my feelings and the change I am hoping President elect Obama will have on our country, but the scribblings girls are getting strict! They stressed.. NOT to use an
older post so instead, I'd love to talk about another significant change in my world...

The dramatic change my salon has recently made. It has had all my clients singing their praises! Which feels so uplifting!
Friday a woman kept describing my good taste as ME being tasty! she said over and over- "you are so tasty!" I thought that was a unusual but cute compliment! Everyone is so complimentary and I can tell that they are enjoying the change as much as I am... You KNoW where I am going, don't you?
Yep.. There is always ONE. Always one stick in the mud, who never watched Bambi as a child. "thumper, what did your father tell you??" "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". This lady must have missed that lesson from Thumpers mom And her own.
As SOON as she walked in and Noticed the incredible changes we've made, She didn't compliment it, No,no, no. She first said.. 'Oh Look at what you did here. This is different.' Then she immediately looked up at the curtains that I thought were perfect and loudly declared..."OH NO, THAT'S a BIG mistake. BIG Mistake!!" I very nicely asked 'they are? why?" She said "you are going to have tons of hair in there! BIG mistake!" (gee, does hair fly UPWARD when I am cutting?)
What do you say to someone like this? What makes a person act like this? Do they think they are being helpful? If the curtains were in a catalog and I was considering ordering them and she was trying to give some warning.. that would be different. They ARe UP! They are On a rod!
After she leaves, Does she happily think she really enlightened me??
I just don't understand people sometimes. So, always being the professional (professional kiss ass, i guess). I said.. 'Oh, I would have never thought of that. I guess if that happens, I will need to vacuum them.' She then got a satisfied look on her mean face.
I wish some times instead of changing their hair color, I could magically change the color of their spirit.
i just have to show my PERFECT curtains!

nablopomo Day 9!


Gill said...

Lucy I really take my hat off to you for being able to smile at sour pusses like that and not cut a huge chunk out of their hair!! Your salon looks stunning and don't let her make you feel anything but delighted with it and the gooooorgeous curtains!

I've tagged you, but as usual only do it if you feel like it :-)

anthonynorth said...

It could be very similar in the forces. Keep mouth shut, do as you're told, even though you're being ordered about by an idiot :-)

Linda Jacobs said...

You are so smart to handle it the way you did! Aren't blogs great for venting?

The same thing happened to me years ago. I got new curtains for a bay window that was halfway up our stairs. I loved them because they made the window seat seem so cozy. When my sister saw them she said, "Oh, those curtains are hideous!" Yes! She really said "hideous"! I'm still hurt and mad at her!

paisley said...

well i think the curtains are perfection with the rest of the salon... girlfriend is probably a germophobe or something like that... maybe you'll get lucky and she will out for salon sterility over a talent hairdresser and go somewhere else!!


Robin said...

Ugh, that kind of "holy crap did you really just say that" is SO common here. Sigh...

I think the curtains look fabulous, and the yellow is so cheery!

Blondie said...

I think the curtains look fabulous, and I still can't figure out how they would get "covered in hair"? Ah, well, human beings are a sordid lot, and unfortunately, since most of us were raised to be polite, those outspoken, rude, and thoughtless people rarely get called out. Sigh. Of course, they also give us plenty of "material" to write about, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I really have no idea what she was talking about! But well done for taking it so well :) The changes to your salon look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You handled the dark spirit with perfection. Keep changing one spirit one at a time and along the way if you miss one with that dark sprit-PERFECT-until next time.....teach

Forgetfulone said...

I love the changes you made in your salon! I don't understand people like that. If she didn't like it, couldn't she have kept her mouth shut? And why does a know-it-all like that think we care about her opinion. If it's her salon, she can do what she wants, and if she dislikes it that bad, she can go somewhere else! I don't know how you deal with people like that! I thought dealing with tweens and teens was difficult.

Granny Smith said...

Sometimes honesty is not the best policy, but then I don't think she was even being honest - just snarky!
Some people will always try to find a way to put other people down.

I think your salon looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Well, I loved your SS post, but even more than that, I love your salon!!

Wow! You must be so proud of it- deservedly so! And some people just can't let themselves be nice....(read my post and you'll see what I mean!) but please don't let her spoil this for you- I think your curtains are gorgeous!
Bella :)

"Sunshine" said...

Sounds like the woman just liked to hear herself talk. Love your reaction to her. Me? I probably would have tried to mouthe off to her, making myself look the bigger fool in the end. Kudos to you for keeping your cool. Hey, who knows, you may have just prompted a "change" in my attitude!

My computer is giving me a red "x" instead of the picture, so I can't see the curtains :( Maybe it will show up tomorrow. I really enjoyed this post :)

JP/deb said...

The changes in your salon are gorgeous (just like you!) ... mean lady was simply jealous.

hugs, JP/deb

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Ms Grumpy pants needs a verbal spanking... They are perfectly you, and match perfectly your decor! Each to their own said the man as he kissed the cow, Dad used to say! Everyone has different taste....I guess she prefers sour puss! You are a trooper, I hope you don't take any of that energy in. Concentrate on all the great compliments, ignore Ms. poopoo head!! That's it, buy some poopoo shampoo and send her on her way!

Love you know who!