Friday, November 14, 2008

it's raining dogs and dogs.

I don't know if you know this about me... I can make it rain! YES.. It works like a charm. All I have to do is make a grooming appointment for my two C R A Z Y pooches. I can make it a week before, a few weeks before or even a MONTH before I want it to rain. GUARANTEED.. the day arrives and it's pouring out. If you ever need a rainy day.. just tell me, I will call and make an appointment for them.
I used to groom my dogs myself. The cost is just ridiculous. But these two are just too much to handle. I would rather do a few Human haircuts and use the money to pay for the dogs to get done. When I walk Molly and Cosmo into their grooming salon, I usually announce.. THE Yapper and crapper are here!! The whole procedure is just exhausting, embarrassing and truly so damn aggravating. Cosmo is SO exited in the car he just yaps CONTINUOUSLY. By the time I drive the 12 minutes to the place my nerves are shattered! Molly just moans pig noises in the car, but it never fails.. No matter how long of an opportunity she has to poop before we go, She always walks in the place and immediately Poops on their floor! I don't know how this has happened. I used to be such a great pet owner. My cute bichon frises Blinky, was the first dog my husband and I owned.(he REALLY needed a haircut in this pic!!)
We took him to obedience school and he was a prince to take anywhere. Next came our little angel, our wheaten terrier.

I used all MY obedience training skills and SHE was also an obedient,sweet perfect girl. I guess just got too busy? Cosmo CAN sit.

(the staying is another story). He can shake hands and dance around on his hind legs a long time! and BOY can he f*&%ing BARK! Molly can... well... Molly is cute!

She ALWAYS comes when u call her.( mostly because she is afraid of being outside) She is Never constipated! That's pretty good! and BOY can she also BARK! It would be nice if I could get them to behave a bit better and be able to do their grooming myself. Alas, I am stuck with a day of rain and torture every 2 months.
Oh! I forgot to tell you... I also can predict which line at costco is about to... A) count the money in the draw and shove it in that shoot B) change cashiers or C) have a customer count out 150.00 in coins!.... It's whatever Line I am on!


Deirdre said...

I tried giving my dogs haircuts years ago - it was terrible. Horrible. I still feel guilty about it 17 years later.

My cat used to hate the car. She'd actually scream all the way to wherever we were going. Now that she's blind she doesn't seem to mind a bit. Doesn't seem like a good trade-off at all.

Gill said...

Love this post Lucy! I used to have a Daschund who was so scared of going to the vet that the moment he put her on the table she would literally *squirt* all over the place, it was mortifying!! Come to think of it, I wonder if that had anything to do with the vet selling up and leaving town??

Anonymous said...

Haha the comment above is funny. And so is your post! Aww sounds like a right hassle getting it done! That's life I suppose. I am sorry though, but I did think the poop story was pretty funny! :D hehe

Forgetfulone said...

You're magic! but... I think we're in the same line at the store. I'm pretty good at predicting which one will close or move slowest.

Giggles said...

Hahaha!! That's like Pepper and I when we get our hair done...does that mean we're dogs too? Seriously it rains every friggin time. And we make the appointments months in advance...go figure.

I used to clip my Benji and Angel but found it easier just to let a groomer do it. I'd be sweatin, there would be hair everywhere for weeks, and sometimes they'd snap...not a fun event. Same with my last couple...they were monkeys too. The females were the easiest. The males for some reason didn't like to get shaved you know where! They became grumpy monkeys. Too stressful for sure!

Fun story Lucy... I loved it!

Hugs Giggles