Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Mutterings!

Okay, I know I am getting bored of mutterings when i am searching for themes for them all!
This weeks theme... Dysfunctional Family phrases on thanksgiving!

  1. Spit it out ::
  2. Grandma is senile and pre-stuffed that turkey LAST WEEK!
  3. Shadow ::
  4. Look at Crazy Uncle Sammy kids, He is making shadows of a turkeys neck on the wall with his... OH NO, get the kids out of here!

  5. Database ::
  6. Your sister didn't bring her stuffing surprise this year, her recipe database got the hallmark virus we were all forewarned about.
  7. Expression ::
  8. Wow Aunt Rose Nice expression on your turkey dessert!

  9. Boss ::
  10. You invited MY boss to our holiday dinner? Uncle luke, get me the carving knife!
  11. Baby ::
  12. Oooh Look how big Nate & Tate's sweet Baby has gotten. She is two already? And you still can't think of a name for her? We will all help you!
  13. Mystic ::
  14. Uncle Bubba would like to say the thanksgiving prayer today! He believes he is the vessel for the mystic pilgrim spirit who resides inside of him.
  15. Kate ::
  16. It's unanimous! KATE is a perfect name for the baby!
  17. Boobies ::
  18. I know she just got them Hank, but does your sister have to show Them to EVERYONE who asks her to pass the sweet potatoes?
  19. Raid ::
  20. MARY! it's 2 am! What are you and crazy Uncle Sammy doing down here? umm umm.. WE are RAiding the fridge for leftovers! Yeah, that's it! What else would I be doing with crazy Sam at 2 A M ?



Queen-Size funny bone said...

themes makeeverything easier...

threesidesofcrazy said...

LOL - You're either bored or slap happy!

~Michelle~ said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, it is nice to hear from you. Baby Girl is 9 months old already! Time flies, huh? She is so very precious and so sweet. Love her giggles and toothy smiles! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Forgetfulone said...

2 and 7 really cracked me up! Great mutterings.

TC said...


These are hilarious!!!!!

You could do standup :)

Barb said...

I dispose of the turkey neck quickly just to avoid something like that happening. :P