Sunday, November 23, 2008

did u ever?

After waiting FOREVER for a best buy guy (Not THAt one Sherrie) to find me a David Cook cd, And then waiting for TEN minutes on line because there were only two cashiers... I FINALLY got to pay for my cd. Just as she took my change out of the register and BEFORE she ripped the receipt and gave me both... The OTHER cashier, who apparently was having a lot of trouble and was THE cause of the tie up on line.. asks MY cashier for help. WITHOUT handing me the change that is IN HER F*&%ing Palm, she begins to walk over to assist the other cashier! Is it NOT common sense to finish up with your customer first? I find that At 49 yrs. old, I don't wait anymore for their common sense to kick in, I demand it. I said 'excuse me, please finish my transaction first, I need to GO".
I feel like i encounter this kind of ignorance/inconsiderateness EVERYWhERE today and it totally pisses me off~!
what about u?
(hey..did u notice I am starting a repeating theme segment? "Did u ever".. Look for these to pop up once in a while) I got the idea from clever skittlesand her quickies!
here are my last two!
did u ever
did u ever


Bitter Chocolate said...

Sometimes I have this weird feeling that the most unhelpful, socially challenegd, constantly irritated and absent-minded people are ALWAYS those who work in servises for some reason... Wonder why?

Forgetfulone said...

I noticed, and I love your Did U Ever posts! I can't believe how much more often we are running into inconsiderate or just plain stupid people. I have to say something when people do stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

No, I never did! As for the service you recieved - or didn't - it seems to be ther norm these days.

threesidesofcrazy said...

I noticed the theme not only in your posts but in the world in general! Where did these people grow up that they have ZERO common sense and common courtesy is what I'm trying to figure out. I was at Home Depot this week and there was only 1 cashier, I was 2nd in line with ONE item and there was a problem with the people in front of me. A couple with a LARGE order walked up behind me and then a 2nd cashier showed up and says, can I help whoever is next. The people behind me BLOCKED my way to get there 1st and started loading their things onto the counter. I walked in front, handed my single item to the cashier and said, I believe I was next and didn't take NO for an answer. The cashier should have taken the initiative to handle the issue, but didn't. Can you believe their nerve though? And the nerve it took for the man to utter, what a pushy bitch under his breath? I just smiled and paid for my purchase.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I understand what you mean. Was at the post office today, the queue is spiralled all the way around the shop, and the woman in front of me is just having a chat to the cashier whilst I am (im)patiently waiting for a long time.... but I suppose people just do not realise sometimes. Like your post idea for 'did you ever'

Anne said...

OMG... I know! And when they finally give you the change, they look back at the register, recite to you what it says, and hand you the money... never bothering to do the math, count it out or do more than robotic actions.

Then again, if they start hiring customer service conscious people who have common sense and can count change, they will certainly have to pay them more than $7 an hour and the prices will go up. Hmmmm, which way to go....

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog! It is great to meet you and read your blog! Keep in touch. I know I will!