Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doggie Mutterings

When I looked at these mutterings, I thought they all related so well to my beloved dogs.
what do u think?

  1. Please stop ::
  2. barking at the smallest noise
  3. Move over ::
  4. your laying on my foot
  5. Sweet as ::
  6. a dog should be
  7. Bet ::
  8. you are really a reincarnated human
  9. Mad about ::
  10. u always pooping at the groomers, but i still love u
  11. It’s over ::
  12. before you know it, let me brush your teeth
  13. Intend to ::
  14. walk you more often
  15. Blame ::
  16. myself that you aren't more disciplined
  17. Jefferson ::
  18. wouldn't have been a better choice of names for you, I love Molly and Cosmo
  19. Heartless ::
  20. is anyone who doesn't love animals



Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
I'm here from Sue's poetry blog. First off, as a visual artist, who happens to adore the very colors you chose for your blog: LOVELY! Plus, I smiled at the whimsy as I landed here.

On top of that, I am meant to be here, because I am a doggie person. I paint pet portraits for a living besides designing jewelry, etc.

These mutterings are terrific. Do you do them weekly? :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Lucy we really need to let go. the pooping on the floor shall pass. lol

Giggles said...

I adore this post and agree whole heatedly with number 10! Very cute!

Hugs and have a great day!

Forgetfulone said...

It's really great how you made all of the mutterings topics fit with your dogs!

Anonymous said...

Hehe funny post. Also funnily enough my boyfriend has his heart set on somehow getting a dog and naming it Jefferson. I definitely prefer Molly and Cosmo though!