Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Turkey hunger pangs

So! Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? Did you gain a pound or ten? Did you EnJOY the relatives?? Hmmm? No?? Yes??
Last year, I got such grief from my eldest son about me being in
a Loop! Do u remember that? (hope u will read it) Didn't a year go by quickly? 'Cause I remember his lecture like it was yesterday. Well, This year.. NO loops for foolish me. Nope! I DIDN'T make a turkey and all the trimmings since we were eating at my sister in laws. I only cooked a few dishes to bring to her house. Well.. I am sitting here @#$*ing STARVING! It's Thanksgiving for goodness sakes, Other Americans have their belts and zippers undone, They are reaching for the pepto and my stomach is growling for leftovers! Our relatives served dinner at 3 pm and dessert was about 5, We were home by 8 and by 9 I was raiding my fridge and ended up with a measly bowl of mutlti-grain cherrios. WHY was I influenced by that crazy kid of mine!? Never again! I've already declared.. NEXT year I am looping it up big time. Loops galore! Call me crazy, but by midnight next year, I will be happily making up that plate of favorite turkey day treats!


Giggles said...

I rarely have a big family turkey dinner at my place anymore and I really miss the left over turkey. So just cook one next week for no reason! Your kids will eat it up and you won't feel deprived! That's what I do!

Hugs Sherrie

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I always cook one on the weekend after. I love turkey sandwiches.

paisley said...

hell yes,, you make a little feast for the leftovers if you don't eat in... just for you and the mister... and if the kid whines,,, send him off with a bowl of fruit loops as a reminder!!


Forgetfulone said...

My stomach is growling as I read this wishing we had some leftover turkey and dressing in the fridge! I did make dressing this year, for the heck of it, but I took some to my mom's and sent some to his mom's, so we have none here! I like your idea of your own feast at your own house.

Tammy Brierly said...

We had no relatives, kids or an extravagant menu. Just us in our sweats, eating from our laps, with plenty of leftovers. I can send a turkey/cranberry sandwich fed ex overnight? lol

The perfect Thanksgiving! lol