Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Scribble soup!

Sherrie.thanks for telling me about Scibble soup Here is my attempt at
Stories behind the music.. Tells us this- "Do you have a favorite cd? Write a story incorporating as many song titles in the cd as you can."
I have a zillion fav. cd's, but I grabbed the top one on the pile nearest to me..
It is Amy Winehouse, back to black ( GREAT cd! with only 10 tracks)

There is some unholy war against me. My friends are trying to force me back into Rehab. Why should I listen to their opinion? They are Just friends, Not experts on what it's like to go back to black, the black hole of rehab, where I despise to wake up alone.. I don't need that crap what I need is my man back. I know they say that Love is a losing game, but Me and Mr. jones really need to try and work on getting to utopia together. He left me for another, but He can only hold her a short while. You know that I'm not good..I plan on moving in on their love, I will hurt her until she cries like I've been crying, till her tears dry on their own. Until I have Jones back to black at home.


Forgetfulone said...

Awesome! I am seriously going to give scribble soup a shot. I bookmarked it. Love it!

Giggles said... well done!I loved it!

Hugs Giggles

paisley said...

nice job luc... i saw that on giggles blog and i am thinking i might try one myself.....

lilly said...

Wow, you made it sound so easy. I've been going through my collection...but alas my muse is stil on her lunch break...