Monday, November 17, 2008

What was Your birth day Hit?

The Number one song on the day I was born was: A big hunk of love by Elvis ( I have NO idea what song that is!!)
I would love to know yours! ... go here..
flashback charts
then leave me a comment and let us know the top hit on the day u were born!
(thanks Gill)


Henry said...

Mine was the Theme from A Star is Borm By Babs Sreisand. She's like buttah!

Your song is cooler! "I'm just a hunka hunka burning love.." Come on, you know that song!

Gill said...

Is THAT what that song is called?! I never knew that, you learn something new everyday :-)

Lucy said...

OH!! thanks Mary! Of course I know that song, just didn't know the title!
and I LOVED the movie 'a star is born'!
when I was dating my husband that was 'our'' movie!

Tammy Brierly said...

"Take Good Care of My Baby" by Bobby Vee? Sept. 1961

Giggles said...

"Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley

Geesh hope this isn't a metaphor for my life!

Hugs Giggles

Barb said...

Hound Dog by hunka hunka burning love, Elvis.

Anonymous said...

We love to dance jitterbug to Elvis but other than that not an not an Elvis fan. I LOVE music; however, I've kept my age out of blogland only for ID purposes so I can't play the game. I will tell you that my blog name is named after the
only #1 hit by Sugarloaf: Green-Eyed Lady. (gel is short for typing that!)

TC said...


I'm not impressed.